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Shipmanagers and the art of risk removal

Splash24/7 27 Mar 2022
The steadily increasing burden of regulation has benefitted the professional shipmanagement sector, but the next wave of regulation seems likely to concern atmospheric emissions which is a subject that goes straight to the owner or the time charterer’s bottom line. Will professional shipmanagers be able to maintain control of this?.

Is the shipmanagement model of ‘we can do it more cheaply than you can’ broken?

Splash24/7 23 Mar 2022
Shipmanagement is a very competitive business ... Over the years the ‘we can do it cheaper that you’ model has led to poor vessel management, an underestimation of operational costs and misleading owners to believe that vessel operations costs can be permanently squeezed, observes Caroline Huot, senior vice president for shipmanagement at Delta Corp.

Shipmanagers and the need to be speaking from the same page

Splash24/7 22 Mar 2022
Shipmanagers bristle at their lack of representation in handling the big issues facing shipping ... Shipmanagers have been bristling of late, annoyed that they do not have a louder enough voice on international shipping matters. Shipmanagers have so much to offer when it comes to regulatory debate yet they are often not at the top table.

The future of shipmanagement

Splash24/7 21 Mar 2022
How will shipmanagement transform in the coming years? Is there a risk other sectors will muscle into managers’ domain? ... Shipmanagers will be at ... Mark O’Neil, president of Columbia Shipmanagement, admits shipmanagers face a challenge to remain relevant and compelling to customers.

Shipmanagment and ESG

Splash24/7 18 Mar 2022
How shipmanagers can assist owners in reaching their ESG goals. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is going to drive investment decisions in shipping and when the platitudes have melted away on shipowners’ websites and real continuous improvement measuring has started, shipmanagers will have to show their colours.

Shipmanagement Market Report 2022

Splash24/7 17 Mar 2022
The comprehensive magazine covering every aspect of the shipmanagement with the ...

Splash launches 72-page shipmanagement special

Splash24/7 17 Mar 2022
Splash today launches a comprehensive shipmanagement magazine featuring the views of more than 100 top executives deliberating on where this fast growing sector will go in the 2020s ... “Shipmanagement as a sector finds itself at a bit of a crossroads in the early 2020s.

Columbia Shipmanagement makes Monaco move

Splash24/7 09 Mar 2022
Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) has signed a joint venture agreement with Monaco-based Sea World Management (SWM).

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